Are you ready for this?


We’re Painting the Roses Red

More like, we’re spray painting a door knob with some Oil Rubbed Bronze. If you haven’t heard of this stuff, boy are you missing out! You can pick it up at your local hardware store for about six bucks. You can paint anything with it because it’s a paint and primer in one and works on most surfaces. I’ve mentioned in the past that we live in a hundred and something year-old house. That means that everything has been painted and painted and painted. I am talking paint everywhere! Past residents of this house painted over nails in the wall, curtain hanging hardware, and (you guessed it) doorknobs.  Who’s brilliant idea was it to paint a doorknob, I’ll never know. What’s even more scary? They were painted over more than once. I’m talking six or seven coats of paint, ya’ll! Considering the age of the doorknobs and the amount of paint coating them, I concluded that they aren’t removable. The painted wood and said doorknob have become one and the same after years and years of being painted. So, after I put a fresh coat of paint on the door in my kitchen leading to the basement, I couldn’t bring myself to follow suit and paint the doorknob. I had to do something about it though. No? (I swear, the paint is an inch thick!) If I added to the paint party, I know that sooner or later it would start to chip just as it is already and I’d be left in the same situation. So, I whipped my hair back and forth out some steel wool and started scrubbing. I wasn’t worried about removing all the paint, I just wanted to remove the shine of the high gloss paint and even up the surface as much as possible. Then, since I couldn’t remove the doorknob if I wanted to, I had to protect the rest of my kitchen from any rogue ORB spray. It started to look like a hazmat situation in my kitchen but I did not want to ORB’ed floors. By the way, I had every window in the house open, fans going, and every family member (aside from myself) was safely out of the house and out of fumes harms way.

After one, light coat of ORB the knob was already looking better!

This shot is a pretty good representation of the bronze color you’ll get with this particular spray paint color. Fabulous!

This is the finished product. I have to say, it doesn’t look too bad for having been painted and repainted 17 times. I can only hope that after a good scrubbing and some ORB love, this paint job will withstand the test of time.

What does this image remind you of?


It is so totally the doorknob from Alice in Wonderland!

I have three more doorknobs to ORB in this fashion. Fortunately, the rest of the knobs in the house were spared from a sad paint death so I will leave them in their original, 100-year-old glory. I don’t want to take from the character of the house. That is, after all, why we fell in love with this place. But I couldn’t stand to let the bad paint job stay. Next, I think I’ll ORB the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Have I inspired anyone to ORB? You so totally should.