Are you ready for this?

One Way, Or Another…


Writing down everything that needs done with this house is enough to send me into hysterics. But it is nice to be able to check something off my list and see how things have progressed. And like Blondie says, “One way or another I’m gonna win ya! I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha!” Maybe that should be my theme song. You know, Rocky has “Eye of the Tiger”, well this gal has Blondie in her corner. (I think that song is about being an insane stalker… eh, it’s got a good beat. I can look past the stalker part.)

So let’s get to it.

Nick’s To Do List

OK, so maybe that was cheating. I thought it would be fun for you to try and decipher Nick’s chicken scratch. For those of you already going a little cross eyed, it says –

  • Dowel rod for chair
  • Security light [for garage]
  • Hallway outlet
  • Bedroom outlets
  • Back porch lights
  • Garage Electrical
  • Siding
  • Garage door
  • Call roofers
  • Cap for sewer pipe
  • Move red blocks (Not originally crossed off, but it’s done)
  • Remove Christmas lights (Aren’t you glad this is done? It is the end of June, after all.)
  • Move fence out
  • Remove patio
  • Cut stairs (back)
  • Sod for backyard
  • Move trailer to garage
  • Replace doorbell
  • Replace front door
  • Put real door in walkout
  • Paint closet interiors
  • Burn stuff out back
  • Get drywall for garage
  • Get drywall screws
  • Mulch flower beds
  • Seal driveway
  • Get 2.5″ or 3″ [construction] screws
  • Get set of drill bits
  • Cabinets for nook
  • Shelving in basement stairwell
  • Basement door catch
  • Armoir [For the hallway]

I took the liberty of crossing out some of these that are already done. Many were short term items that he added for the moment or items we decided to nix completely. We only have one years time so we have to simplify and be realistic in what we can accomplish. My list looks a little different than Nick’s. I typed it up in Excel, organized it by room, and made it color coded. I tried to do a screen grab so you could see all of it’s list-glory, but couldn’t figure it out. Not one to disappoint, I printed it and scanned it for your viewing pleasure. The printer is out of colored ink and by the looks of it, nearly out of black ink. Fortunately for me you, this one is more legible.

Christina’s To Do List

The different colors would have been way impressive but this black and white version will have to do. There are some duplicate items between the two lists. It can’t hurt. It will get done either way, right? Does it seem like we have a lot to do before our year marker is up? It does to us. These don’t even include items for staging a house to sell, that will come later. That means I get to look forward to making a pretty new staging to-do list. For now we continue to work, little by little. Nick called this afternoon to ask if I wanted to go out on a Lowe’s date tonight. (How romantic! No, seriously.) He dug a post hole last night for some backyard fencing adjustments and we need some concrete to pour into the hole to stabilize the post.

Join us, won’t you? On this journey full of successes and failures. Since neither of us are professionals I am sure there will be many failures. As DIYer’s, that’s to be expected. The final result will make it all worth it in the end. Right?


4 thoughts on “One Way, Or Another…

  1. You are the most organized people I know…except maybe Patty!! 🙂 That’s great. Good luck with all this!!!

  2. One more thing…I actually COULD read Nick’s chicken scratches, believe it or not! I think that comes from being a secretary for so many years. Most of my bosses had really crappy (sorry, Nick) handwriting!

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