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In December of 2009 my husband and I purchased our first house, a 100 year-old bungalow in the hub of Illinois’ capital city. We were total smitten kittens until we made it through the honeymoon stage and realized that we had made a lot of typical first-time home buyer mistakes. The biggest one being that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted in a house. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great house, just not for us. We were two and a half people large and had grown out of the house before we had a chance to live in it.

Let’s have a little house tour so you can see why we fell in love (it has good bones!) and why that love faded so quickly.

Living Room

This is the first thing you see when entering the house. All the wood trim is original to this 100 year old house. (Pardon the box of cleaning supplies, it was moving day.) Those two small windows flanking the fireplace are so old the glass in the frame is still wavy (therefore SO cool!).

Dining Room

From there you move into the dining room. Do not adjust your computer monitor, those walls really are a serious shade of puke orange. At this point I will introduce you to the blurry photo bomber in the background. That is Lola Beans. You can call her Lola or Beans, she responds to both. She is our part dalmatian, part something else, pound puppy. This photo marks the day she became a part of our family. More on that later.

Orange walls aside…

Dining Room Ceiling

How amazeballs is that ceiling? (And I never say amazeballs.) It was the wood detail in these two rooms that attracted us to the house from the start. Before you ask, yes, it is yellow. Where the idea for pumpkin-orange walls and a urine-yellow ceiling came from, I will never know.


The kitchen had been renovated by previous owners. It was a DIY job, and who doesn’t enjoy a good DIY job? I love the stainless appliances! It’s hard to tell from this photo but the walls are an unappetizing shade of mint green.


Pardon this pathetic excuse of a picture but it seems to be the only one I took when we first moved in. The floor is peel and stick tile. The sink is a little bit of an upgrade from what would have originally been in here but I wouldn’t mind something that provided a little more storage, especially for a bathroom with no linen closet. (My first clue should have been the armoire placed in the hallway outside the bathroom by the previous owners.) And while this photo does it no justice, there is a free-standing bathtub in there. This was another feature of the house I couldn’t help but drool over during our walk through.

Master Bedroom

Three words: hard wood floors. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. But (and that is a BIG butt), this so-called master bedroom is sorely lacking in closet space. There are two more bedrooms in Casa de Barnett that closely resemble the master so I won’t bore you with photos of those. Just imagine four walls with (ironically) larger closets. Just know the paint colors were equally as bold as the pumpkin guts smeared on the dining room walls.

Our goal is to sell the house. In order to do that we have to make the house sell-able. My hubby and I are DIYer’s who are stuck in the middle of a million DIY projects that need done before we can even think about putting this bungalow up for sale. And since we created a mini-DIYer in 2011, a lot of things have been thrown even farther back on the burner. Our time frame? One year. Do you think we can handle it? Wait for post number two when I share our ever-growing list of ‘To Do’ items.


2 thoughts on “One

  1. Ok 1st of all, you really need to be doing some sort of writing, you write well and are incredibly funny and that is my very 1st thought that comes to mind when reading your blog or diary or I’m not sure what you call it. 2nd…. I’m sure you guys will accomplish your goals and we will help however we can. 3rd…. You really need to do some writing!! You are so creative!

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